Monday, April 5, 2021


Hello Mal-Pals! Thank you for sticking with me through the last few dark posts; as promised today's post is a lot more light hearted!

It did occur to me that I never explained where things sit legally between myself and my old landlord, who I still have never met, or what happened to all my old stuff. This is because I don't know. I was told by my housing officer that the council are supposed to keep the items I left behind in storage, though I assume if that happened I'd have been told about it by now. The contact details I gave my landlord and my estate agent were for a mobile phone number I don't use any more and a Hotmail account I stopped checking around the time I stopped opening my mail in my old flat, probably earlier. I'm not interested in reopening that wound. I'm a different person now.

I've been feeling a little rough the past few days; I suspect recalling my past has used a lot of my energy! I've been sleeping a lot, but only that sort of shallow sleep that offers no real sustenance. This morning I don't recall being given my morning morphine pills, and didn't take them until the nurse came round with my other morning drugs a couple of hours later. This is good because it means I was properly sleeping for once! When they woke me up for breakfast I was having a bona fide dream, which means I was sleeping deeply enough for this to happen, which is excellent! I never remember my dreams unless I am disturbed from them.

This morning's dream was like almost all of my dreams; I was arguing with my brother. The weird thing was I wasn't bedbound but was suffering with a bad back and sore joints. I was watching TV in the living room of our old house. Outside it was tipping down with rain. My brother was trying to force me to go outside and fix the guttering. So many of my dreams are like this, and I often wake up agitated if I remember them, as if I have genuinely been arguing all night. There are some deep psychic scars left from when my brother was a teen up until his mid-twenties; he used to bully me and my mother, arguing about anything and everything. Things are much better today; finding a nice fiancee and a job with real responsibilities has been good for him, as has dealing with his fiancee's family, who sound very difficult in their own way!

It was my brother's birthday yesterday, and I spoiled him rotten, as per the usual! A few years ago I heard about gifts being part of some people's love language; it definitely is part of mine. There is something great about finding someone the perfect present, but also sending little photos or articles to friends and family that you know will get a kick out of them. My mother is a big fan of Groot, so over the weekend I sent her a link to the Amazon page for a ridiculous Groot Mr Potato Head, knowing she wouldn't appreciate the £40 real artefact but would enjoy the photo. My friend Julie is a Canadian BDSM enthusiast, so I sent her this 1949 thinkpiece about how maybe they should stop using a strap known as The Whistling Torture to beat male and female prisoners. Horses for courses!

I did once buy Mum a Groot flower pot that she really loves!

Gift giving is not a part of my brother's love language. My parents told me in the run up to Christmas not to go overboard buying presents for him and his girlfriend, as they were a little uncomfortable with how much I'd gotten the girlfriend for her birthday in September. Meanwhile, when I saw my brother before Christmas he had clearly bought gifts for me last minute from the supermarket where he worked; mainly scratch cards and a copy of The Beano, a children's comic I hadn't read since primary school. This is his usual MO when it comes to gift giving, I know in previous years my Mum has been annoyed at me for not reminding him in advance of my parent's birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day. One Mother's Day he told her the supermarket had run out of Mother's Day cards, even though he worked there! Another year he bought her a large chocolate cake for her birthday even though she was all about Slimming World at the time (She still follows it, and so does my dad, but it's not such a big part of her identity nowadays!). It's just not the way he's built. I guess it's strange to say you don't know how your 30 year old brother expresses affection towards the people he cares about. This has suddenly become a lot darker than I was anticipating!

Today I thought I'd lighten things up by sharing a story I wrote for Julie of Strict Julie Spanks. It references her husband David and her sisters Sue and Nancy. It's not really about sex or punishment but rather subservience and humiliation. I'm very proud of it because I cannot recall reading a story like it, it's a true Tankerton original! That said, I did write in a little bit of sex and spanking because hey, I know my audience! Julie enjoyed it and called it "very low-grade sexy," which I took as a low-grade compliment! She said it reminded her of a story she had told on her blog where she infantilised her husband a little in front of her family. 

I know I've been criticised for displaying a lack of defiance of bratting in my stories; this story is as true to life as my own defiance gets. I'm a people pleaser and scared of hurting the ones I love, especially when they're trying to help me. It's gotten me into difficulty in the past. The Julie of the story acts more like I would than I imagine the real life Julie would. Still, it's a good story (I hope!) and requires less suspension of disbelief than anything else I've imagined here, so I hope you can enjoy it for what it is! And awaaaay we go...


It's the first of November this year. You and David are still spending most of your time together at home; though coronavirus vaccinations have been successful and quarantining is not strictly necessary, many brick and mortar businesses have yet to fully re-open, and those that have often are dealing with supply issues, are opening with limited hours or are so busy that visiting them is something of a hassle. It'll be a little while before society settles on a new normal.

You are using your computer, writing a long sexy e-mail to a charming fan of your blog, full of salacious details. David calls you into his home office and you obediently stop what you're doing and go to him. He pulls a thin cloth case from a drawer and hands it to you:

"I've got you a present!" he says. Whatever's inside is solid and lightweight, you'd have assumed a new sex toy or spanking instrument if not for the musical notes decorating the front of it. "Open it up!" he tells you, excitedly!

You pull apart the Velcro and pull out what's inside. You are confused to find you are holding a translucent pink recorder:

It looks very girly and childish but also very phallic. You're sure you would look and feel ridiculous placing it in your mouth. "What am I supposed to do with this?" you ask, perplexed.

"I don't know, cook dinner with it? Stick it up your bum? You play music with it, silly!"

You stare at him like he's lost his mind. "But I don't know how to play the recorder!"

"I had a feeling you'd say that, so I got you this as well! " David reaches back inside his drawer and pulls out a large, thin paperback book which he hands to you also:

You take the book and give it a cursory flick through before stating the obvious again, sure there's something you're missing. "These are all kid's songs; nursery rhymes, Hot Cross Buns and that. Why would I want to play these?"

David laughs at this. "It's a book for beginners, people like you who've never had a lesson before. You can't fault it for not being on the bleeding edge of contemporary music. If you enjoy playing it we can look for some more difficult music you would like to play."

You stare at him again. He genuinely seems pleased to be giving you these gifts; did you say something to him that prompted to get them? "I just don't understand why you would get these for me without asking."

"Because I wanted to surprise my sexy wife!" He comes round from the desk and gives you a hug.  "Don't worry, I hardly broke the bank! "

"But I don't want to learn to play the recorder!" you say, trying not to sound ungrateful.

"Ah, but I'd like you to learn it, and you want to make me happy." He reads your expression and adds "Look, I'm not expecting you to become proficient, or asking you to go to lessons or pass an exam. Just practice for an hour a day until the end of the month. 30 hours of practice, show me how good you've gotten and then you never have to touch it again. You can manage that, can't you? For me? Consider it an early Christmas present."

You look into his eyes, trying to figure out why this means so much to him. "Yeah, I can do that. 30 hours. And then if I don't ever want to practice it again you won't try and make me?'

"I promise. Do you promise to take this seriously?"

"I promise!" This time you initiate the hug, and are rewarded with a quick kiss.

"Why don't you go for your first practice now? "

You do as you are told, returning to your desk, saving your e-mail and opening the book. It is clearly aimed at young children, there are weird amorphous creatures telling you where to place your fingers for each note and explaining how to read the music. You play each note in turn. The sound isn't terrible, but there's a reason you can't think of a popular song that features a recorder solo.

You practice for an hour, setting a timer on the computer to ensure you're keeping your word. You do so again the next day unprompted, starting a little after ten o'clock. On the third day David comes to you at around half past three. You're reading a book and he mentions pointedly that he hasn't heard you practicing that day. "I was going to do it once I finish this chapter!" you protest.

"That's a good girl" he says, affectionately.

You are busy with work stuff on the fourth day, and are not in the mood to sit down by yourself for an hour trying to play What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor on your silly pink recorder. Instead you spend your free time on your blog and watching TV with David, who doesn't bring up the issue until you are getting ready for bed that night.

"Did you remember to practice today?"

"I didn't have time today. I was going to do two hours tomorrow instead."

"Hmm. Well, it's getting late, so I suppose you'll have to. Still, you did promise every day, so I think you've earned a spanking, haven't you?"

"Bah, I guess I have. I really will practice tomorrow though!" Was this David's plan? To set you a task that he can punish you for not doing? It seems rather elaborate.

"I'm sure you will, I know you're a good girl. Still, you'd better take off your clothes and lie across my lap."

Pouting a little, you do as instructed. David spanks you soundly with his hard hand; it's not nearly as bad as you've experienced before but it's enough to make you think twice before skipping practice again!


It is the 30th of November and you have just told David you have finished your final hour of practice. He tells you how proud he is of you and asks you to show him what you've learnt that evening. He has had to punish you three more times for skipping practice, each time a step up in severity from the last. Still, you have put the time in and feel a sense of pride despite yourself as you show David your finger placement and explain how the musical notation works. You feel a little silly as you work through the book playing each tune as well as you are able. You can play the easiest and most repetitive songs more or less flawlessly, and though you haven't mastered the more difficult pieces you can at least make out a recognisable tune.

The whole performance lasts about twenty minutes, David made for an appreciative audience, smiling encouragingly throughout. When you are done he kisses you hard, his tongue in your mouth. "You are amazing" he tells you, "and you deserve a treat."

He leads you to your bedroom and you both undress. You sit on the edge of your bed and he kneels in front of you, eating out your pussy voraciously. His hands are all over you with the enthusiasm of a teenager; determined to explore every inch of his conquest. You are soon brought to powerful orgasm, causing David to stand and place his manhood deep inside you, fucking you roughly until you climax again, causing him to discharge his weapon of love whilst still inside you. He withdraws, and lies down next to you across the bed, spooning you and whispering in your ear:

"I always wanted to sleep with a musician."


It is now afternoon on the 18th of December, the Saturday before Christmas, and you are at a large party at your parents' house. Sue is there with her partner and so is Nancy, her husband and your nephews. You enjoy grilling the boys briefly about their love lives, knowing they have a soft spot for you since David gave you a quick skirt-dusting in front of them, and you enjoy playing the role of sexy aunt for them. There are also many members of your extended family in attendance with their children, as well as several of your parents' friends. Everyone has a great time, glad for the opportunity to mingle and catch up.

There is a lot of talk about how good it feels to be out of quarantine. Sue asks if anyone found an upside to lockdown, and a relative talks about how she started following  a cooking blog and trying out new recipes. A friend of your parents talks about how being cooped up has made her want to see the world with her husband, and they've been learning Italian. Your brother-in-law makes a dumb joke about how everyone was making sourdough bread at one point.

 "Julie learnt to play a musical instrument" David volunteers. "She's been learning the recorder." You find yourself blushing immediately! Why has he brought that up? You haven't touched the stupid thing since your performance for David three weeks earlier and, true to his word, he hasn't mentioned practicing it to you since.

"Really?" your mother asks, surprised. "Why the recorder?" she enquires.

"David bought me one" you answer, evading the question. You know she's really asking you what everyone's thinking: Why would a sexy woman in her late thirties waste her time mastering an instrument commonly played by children under ten?

"She's gotten pretty good!" David says, adding innocently "We have Julie's things in the car; she knows how to play a couple of Christmas carols if anyone wants to hear one. "

"Yes please!" Sue pipes up and you cringe, realising this was David's plan all along, a little revenge for the embarrassing encounters you orchestrated behind his back over the years. You have no doubt he enlisted Sue's help, getting her to steer conversation in this conversation. Traitors!

All eyes are on you as David brings in your music book and the recorder in its childish case. "It was hard on my ears when she first started playing, but luckily for me she soon picked it up!" he tells the room. You can't believe he's painting himself as both a suffering husband and indulgent partner, but there's no way you're going to explain your submissive dynamic to all these bemused people and their children! You have to admit to yourself that David has stitched you up like a kipper!

You take the recorder from David, self-conciously removing it from the pink sheath. The book does indeed contain a couple of kids' Christmas songs and you open up to I Saw Three Ships, passing the book back to David to display for you. "Remember your fingering" he advises you.

"I'm sure she does!" Sue calls out and you blush even harder, not the only one to catch her innuendo.

You start playing the song, aware that you're not doing great. You're a little rusty and the embarrassment isn't helping. You are concentrating on the music but can see your parents exchanging glances, and you're sure they've both figured out this is part of a broader game. One of your nephews whispers something into his brother's ear and they both cover their mouths, suppressing giggles. You feel like a precocious six-year-old demanding she become the centre of her parents' dinner party before being put to bed. You'd honestly be more comfortable stripping naked for these people, at least you could do that sexily and confidently!

As soon as you finish there is a polite burst of applause and your mother loudly asks a neighbour to tell your Daddy about the problems they had tiling their kitchen. Around the room people initiate their own conversations, nobody addressing what just happened, though you know you'll be a popular topic of conversation as people drive home!

Sue comes over to say something to you, but you speak up before she can start teasing you. "We're just popping out to the car to put my things away" you tell her, leading David by the hand.

"Of course you are, can't have your things lying around" she replies dryly. "Is that a two-man operation though?"

You ignore her as you drag David outside. He smirks and asks you how that was for you.

"Find somewhere," you tell him, "where you can fuck your rockstar wife."


That does it for me today! I hope you liked that story, I enjoyed revisiting it! It's a funny thing to be shocked and surprised by something you wrote yourself, and as recently as six weeks ago! Memory is a strange thing. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, my parents are coming over to play Ravine. We played twice last week; once I was gored to death by a moose just before we were rescued, the second time I was the only survivor but I lost my sight. Maybe today will be out day!



  1. I love it even more this time around! I love getting a little girl's spanking for not practicing. I loved being humiliated like a little girl in front of the gathering. And I have NO IDEA why playing a recorder in front of a disinterested group is at all sexy, but it is!

    1. Well, you do love being the centre of attention, and having your husband take charge of you in front of your parents. And being teased by Sue! Plus you kind of have to do the show or admit you learnt to play it as part of a weird sex thing, so it's kind of like you're doing something sexual in front of everyone without them realising, for the most part!

      I wasn't thinking of this when I wrote it, but it also kind of accomplishes what you were trying to get out of your domestic discipline contract; in real life there isn't really a behaviour you need to change or a chore you don't do that would benefit you as a couple. It's a shame David doesn't know about your blog, he could give you a new humiliating punishment every time you went so many days without a proper update, and then you'd have something to write about too!

      The only real problem behaviour you keep testing the poor fella on is your refusal to use the bathroom when it's available to you, and you know how I think he should/will/you want him to deal with that!

    2. In a recent exchange I had with Julie in her comments I asked if her husband wouldn't spank her for masturbating in such a flagrant fashion when he read about it on her blog. And she answered that she only gets spanked for masturbating if caught "wet handed". A charming expression. Note she wasn't denying that her husband knew about and or read her blog. That said, from a story point of view, it's a convenient plot device for Julie to pretend that her husband doesn't know about or read her blog. Which I guess brings to the blog a semi-fictional nuance. But I guess we really don't know -- does he or doesn't he? If I know Julie, she'll keep us guessing. Personally I think he does read it, but Julie writes it as though he doesn't. It's cleaner that way. - Frank

    3. I guess I don't see what she'd gain from lying about him knowing, and I don't know why he'd know about it and keep it to himself, rather than telling his wife he's proud of her achievements or cashing in on the opportunity and prescribing a lengthy punishment to atone for keeping up the ruse for a decade!a

      On a selfish note, I want to believe that the events in the blog are true and that my friend is honest with me. If I don't believe this then why would I believe any of her stories?

    4. So here's a question for Julie, who I'm sure will be reading these comments sooner or later -- does your husband know about and read your blog, or doesn't he? Enquiring minds want to know. -- Frank

    5. She has always maintained that her husband either does not know about the blog or knows about it but has never revealed he has. The only way I can imagine the latter to be true is if he found out about it incredibly early on before it had any real following, and has kept it a secret all this time; surely after the first year it would be a big enough of a discovery to merit mentioning to the woman you love and plan to live with indefinitely?

      For what it's worth, I've been keeping this blog for only two months, but I live in a care home which basically affords me zero privacy; a nurse or a carer will come in unannounced at any time with food, medicine, or mail, or to wash me or just check I'm okay if nobody has seen me for a couple of hours. Nobody's caught me jerking off, looking at porn or illegally downloading TV or movies during the seven months I've been here. It's not difficult to be sneaky online, especially if you have your own private devices, which I imagine Julie and David must because they both work from home, and even going way back to the beginning of her blog they were two adults in their late twenties/early thirties (I'm not sure how old David is!) who seemed to have good jobs and plenty of disposable income.

      I'm sure Julie will weigh in at some point, because she loves the sound of her own voice and telling men they're wrong, which it sounds like one of us is! I can't imagine her revealing such relatively big news on the comments section of my little blog though!

    6. My blog is a big secret for sure, but who knows what various people know and don't tell? I secretly wish Daddy was a loyal blog reader commenting anonymously, especially on my naughty Daddy posts!

    7. Ooh, I like that! Or maybe your Daddy has an anonymous blog of his own, and you've been admiring the marks your Mommy has left on his bottom without ever suspecting the horrible truth! Or maybe I'm secretly your Daddy, and you've been pleasuring yourself to your father's naughty words and confessing your deepest desires without ever questioning how a supposed stranger knows you so intimately! I wonder if that idea fills you with disgust or makes your pussy gush from excitement? (Aside: I know full well, you craven little harlot!)

    8. The mystique lives on. Maybe Julie really could be a spy some day. I speculated elsewhere that maybe she couldn't because she didn't seem to keep secrets. I stand corrected - Frank

    9. I think that humiliating rough fucking her sister gave her taught her how to do just that! If he does find out I'm sure it'll be a mind blowing that he loves and gives him an excuse to punish her most severely and publicly, and to make her do the same to him if he wishes!

      Alternatively it'll be such a betrayal of trust that it drives them apart and she'll have to back up a lot of the promises she made on the blog about disciplining some naughty boys and submitting herself to others! Win-win, as far as I'm concerned!

    10. Does he or doesn't he? I think he does know, but he's not letting on. Why do I think that? Consider the shopping for Christmas trees post. Julie is not the only one who is taking every opportunity to manufacture content for the blog. David is clearly helping with that project too. And what a perfect pre-Christmas gift for our little Julie! And then there's the neighbour at the cottage. David is sure acting like generating blog post content is a high priority. I rest my case. - Frank

    11. Julie writes about spankings she gives and recieves; I have to believe he'd act the same way if the blog didn't exist. People write about their dogs, their dogs don't act especially canine because they know they are being written about.

    12. If I were Julie's husband and I had learned about her blog somehow, I certainly wouldn't let on that I knew. I'd want to keep that back-channel to the inside of her mind open and transmitting. It would be fascinating, to me especially, as her husband, even more so than to everybody else who is reading it. - Frank

    13. I don't think he would shut down the site if he did discover it, nor do I think Julie posts much on there that he doesn't know or that she wouldn't tell him if asked directly. In fact, I recently read an old comment where she joked that she never had mouths him in case he ever does discover it.

  2. Ah! ... I expected to find a traffic jam of comments!

    What the investigation says in the paper absolutely horrifying.
    The cat-o'-nine-tails, ugly and ominous that could cause serious injury or death... Swollen blue welts and blood blisters... Crying and writhing...
    “You sleep on your stomach and don’t sit down for a week."
    Everything is bathed in a dark, violent light, institutional sadism.

    In return, the learning of the recorder by the charming Julie (and what followed) is a little witty (and very kinky) tale, and, apart from some well-deserved spankings, without any violence. Just a mild, enjoyable little humiliation and wet panties as usual.

    Did you on purpose to present in the same post the investigation of Maclean's and your story of Julie humiliated by her husband?

    The characters in this story remind me of a blog that has now disappeared but that you may have read: "The Venus And Cupid" where the husband was infantilized by his wife for his greatest pleasure.

    Besides, what makes you think that Julie's husband does not know of the existence of her blog?

  3. The most shocking thing about that article to me is the sub-headline: "Canada is one of the three civilized countries still using the lash. Penologists say it doesn’t cure criminals." I was shocked to discover that Canadians consider themselves civilised!

    I did not deliberately include the link to the historic article and my story for Julie in the same post. Sometimes I specific points I want to make, for this post I wanted to let you readers know what was going on in my life and I just jotted down what came to mind.

    I'm afraid I missed that blog! Do you recall any highlights?

    The main reason I believe David is unaware of Julie's blog is that the internet's a big place, I believe Julie is careful and would have strict instructions about him using her devices, I think her blog is a fantastic achievement and I imagine he'd want to celebrate the tenth year of writing or the 10,000,000th post with a reveal that he's on to her and a good hard spanking and dicking.

    Also; diapers. Julie has expressed a desire to be diapered since at least 2018, and he's had opportunities to give her what she wants. If he does know he should make the most of it!


    2. Thanks, I did Google "Venus Cupid blog BDSM" and this post came up, but unfortunately the brief excerpts are all I can find of the original blog; not even the Wayback machine can help! Never mind!

  4. Hey, I liked it. And it features one of my favourite characters. Seems very true to her nature. Seems like a plausible episode given what else I know about her life. So is this like fan fiction? Only, as we know, Julie is not fictional. Or is it like a hypersigil, a la Grant Morrison, and does that mean you are messing with her future. We may never know. Either way, 'twas a fun read. Thanks for the story. - Frank

    1. Fan fiction is the best term I have for whatever it is I wrote about Julie. I sort of evolved from elaborating on ideas she wrote about on her blog and how I would hypothetically abuse her to writing fictional adventures involving the family she writes about on her blog and in her book, to cutting out the fiction entirely and just teasing her for being a big old whore whose pussy gets wet from the attention I give her. She'll read this at some point, and her pussy will tingle, and she'll think about me talking about her most intimate areas in such an offhand manner, and that will get her even wetter, and then eventually, though I think even she's too modest to admit this except for the one time she blogged about it, she'll get so worked up she'll bring herself to orgasm thinking about me and all the attention she's getting, and how it's an open secret that she's a raving slut. It's weird some of the things she tried to keep from me and some of the things she'll be very candid about. She definitely opens up more when she's turned on, which she seems to be a lot over the last couple of days; maybe it's that Spring has sprung in the great white North! She told me some truths last night that were very salacious indeed!

    2. Nobody's making you read the comments of my old posts like an obsessive fan girl; if you don't like the effect my words have on your pussy then that's your problem, bitch! You could choose to stay away, but we both know you'll come crawling back, tail between your legs and fingers firmly on your clit!

    3. Shhh about "some truths last night that were very salacious" - by which I assumed you meant Doggy... I would BURN with shame should you ever reveal that!

    4. You were slow so responding I can't remember what you're referring to; was it how you take it doggy style, how you used to masturbate with a stuffed animal, or was it about how you crawl around naked on a leash and cock a leg in order to piss? I know you've told me all those things, I'm just unsure of the timeline.

    5. Hello,
      This little comment for you two.
      It is always a little tricky to get involved in a romantic dispute, but the use of capital letters excite curiosity.
      What should be revealed so Julie BURNED with shame?

      Well, the three hypotheses are not new
      On the one hand: been there done that

      Taking it doggy style, we lost count.
      The little stuffed dog (Doggy?) regularly pussy raped, as a girl! - maybe still in use.
      Crawling around naked on a leash: David made Julie pee in the bathtub once, down on all fours, one leg raised.

      On the other hand: what has not been done yet, for example :
      Climb stairs in town with a skirt a little too short and no panties.
      Make another visit with David to the dog store, but this time come out on all fours.
      Buy and use the diapers.
      What else?

    6. I imagine poor Doggy must have been sent to live on s farm at this point; he'd be threadbare and permanently sodden otherwise. You're right to dismiss Julie's cry for attention as old hat; she's lucky I let her post at all, topping from the bottom should not be rewarded!

      For what it's worth, I did try and tempt her into expanding her repertoire by accepting a punishment for her cheeky comments, but she chickened out, so I'm afraid she'll keep churning out the same old hits! Apparently she's too sophisticated for the likes of me.

      I do like your ideas for what she could be doing next. I suggest that whilst David is at the dog store he could buy himself an Afghan hound with long blonde hair. He could indulge his doggy fetish by taking both his bitches out on a leash, feed them dog food from the same bowl, wash them together in a bath outside, take them outside to piss and shit in the street. He can teach them both obedience, and I'm sure they'll get along fine once they've smelt each other's assholes!

  5. I reread your story.
    You are truly the creator (like some god) of a new episode in Julie's life and during this story, her fate is truly in your hands.
    There emerges an impression of fragility and of a martyred little girl.
    The ending is questionable. Did it have to "end well" ...

    1. Your words are very kind, though a little hyperbolic! I just wrote pretty words she jerks off to. She jerks off to a lot of stuff. I'm nothing special! I am glad you enjoyed the story enough to read it twice, it's very rewarding!

      As for the ending... endings are hard! I liked how grounded the story felt, there's a certain logic to all the actions, I think stretching the humiliation past one song would be unrealistic and wouldn't and much, better have Mommy come in and rescue the situation like she's taking control of an unruly toddler! Similarly a little teasing from Sue is enough to know she's embarrassed herself without the whole party pointing and laughing or whatever. Plus the story was about Julie doing this thing because she loves her husband, I like how it ended with her getting horny and loving him despite him making her look like a freak, or even because of it! Also I really liked that line of dialogue that the story ends on, as well as the one about wanting to sleep with a musician.

      So yeah, I think it did have to end well! I suppose she could have messed up the song and gotten a spanking for ruining the party, or she gets stage fright and pisses herself or something, but the ending that's there is the most satisfying one I can think of.

      Goddamnit, I think I might have to write a sequel for you! That's my evening taken care of!


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